Healthy living: Getting started

Hôm nay chúng ta cùng tiếp tục phần hướng dẫn giải học phần Getting Started của Unit 2 – Healthy living, giáo trình Global Success lớp 7

1. Listen and read:

Nội dung bài nghe:

Mi: This is a nice picture, Mark

Mark: That’s my dad and I boating at Yen So Park

Mi: I also see a lot of people exercising there

Mark: Yes, it’s a popular place for people in my neighborhood

Mi: Outdoor activities are good for our health. My family often goes cycling in the countries. It’s quiet, and there’s a lot of fresh air.

Mark: It sounds interesting

Mi: Yes, it’s lots of fun. We also bring fruit, water, and a lunch box with us

Mark: I’d love to join you next time

Mi: Sure. Bring along a hat and suncream.

Mark: Why suncream?

Mi: It’s really hot and sunny at noon, so you might get sunburn

Mark: I see.

2. What are Mark and Mi are talking about?

A. Health problems

B. Health activities

C. Sport and games

Đáp án: B (các hoạt động sức khỏe)

Giải thích: Đoạn hội thoại nói về việc đạp xe và chèo thuyền có lợi cho sức khoẻ

3. Write a word or phrase from the box under its picture

Lời giải:

  1. sunburn (cháy nắng)
  2. suncream (kem chống nắng)
  3. lunch box (hộp ăn trưa)
  4. boating (chèo thuyền)
  5. cycling ( đi xe đạp)

4. Complete each sentence with a word from the conversation

  • boating
  • park
  • countryside
  • suncream
  • health

5.Work in group Each student names two daily activity. The class decides whether each activity is good/bad for health. Give a reason if possible

Lời giải chi tiết:

Quang: I usually eat fast food.

Nam: It’s not good for you.

Quang: I and my brother go swimming.

Mai: It’s a good activity. It makes you stronger.

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