Our Tet holiday: Skills 2


Hướng dẫn giải chi tiết học phần “Skills 2”, Unit 6 – Our Tet holiday, giáo trình Global Success


Nguyen is writing to his penfriend Tom about how his family prepares for Tet. Listen and tick (✓) the things you hear.

Nội dung bài nghe:

Dear Tom,

Tet is coming and I’m very happy. We do a lot of things before Tet. We throw some old things away. We clean and decorate our homes. My mother goes shopping and buys food, red envelopes, and peach flowers. She also buys new clothes for us. My father makes banh chung and cooks them on an open fire. He says that I should make some wishes at Tet, and I shouldn’t break anything. It brings bad luck.



Đáp án:

1. old things (đồ đạc cũ)
2. peach flowers (hoa đào)
3. new clothes (quần áo mới)
4. cakes (bánh)
5. wishes (điều ước)
6. good luck (vận may)

Listen again and answer the questions in one or two words.

  1. What do they throw away before Tet?
  2. What do they clean and decorate?
  3. What colour are the envelopes?
  4. Who cooks banh chung?
  5. What shouldn’t they break?

Lời giải chi tiết:

  1. Old things.
    (Họ ném gì trước Tết? – Đồ đạc cũ.)
  2. (Their) homes.
    (Họ làm sạch và trang trí cái gì? – Nhà của họ.)
  3. Red.
    (Các bao lì xì màu gì? – Màu đỏ.)
  4. (His) father.
    (Ai nấu bánh chưng? – Bố bạn ấy.)
  5. Anything.
    (Họ không nên làm vỡ cái gì? – Bất cứ thứ gì.)


Work in groups. Discuss and make a list of four things that you think children should and shouldn’t do at Tet.

Lời giải chi tiết:

  1. Children should visit relatives with parents.
    (Trẻ em nên đi thăm họ hàng với cha mẹ.)
  2. Children should wear beautifful clothes.
    (Trẻ em nên mặc quần áo đẹp.)
  3. Children shouldn’t break things.
    (Trẻ em không nên làm vỡ đồ đạc.)
  4. Children shouldn’t play cards all night.
    (Trẻ em không nên chơi bài cả đêm.)

Complete the email, using your ideas in 3.

Lời giải chi tiết:

Dear Tom,

Tet is coming. I will tell you more about our Tet.

At Tet, we should visit relatives with parents. We should, wear beautifful clothes too. But we shouldn’t break things. We shouldn’t play cards all night, either.

Please write and tell me about your New Year celebration.



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