Types of word meanings

Types of word meaning

There are two main types of meanings found in words: Lexical meaning and grammatical  meaning.

Lexical meaning

is the realization of concept or emotion. When we hear or see the word “house” for example, our concept is realized and the picture or image of a house occurs to our mind. Therefore this realization is called lexical meaning.

Grammatical meaning

is what unites words with different lexical meanings. It is the meaning recurrent in identical sets of different words. It divides words into groups with their own grammatical features. So, the grammatical meaning of “house, book, man, word, ect” is that they are nouns in singular and common case. The grammatical meaning of “pretty, tall, dark, white, lexical, etc” is that they are adjectives.

The basic lexical meaning of a word is retained in all its forms:


Student – student’s –students – students’

Go – goes – went – gone – going

The words whose lexical meaning is clear are called notional words. They name objects, actions, qualities etc.

The words whose prevailing meaning is grammatical are called functional words. They are particles, articles, preposition etc.

Lexical a grammatical meanings do not exist separately but always go together to make up the meaning of a word./.

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