State the definition of phonology in English

What is phonology

The first lesson we learn definition of phonetics and its aspects, this lesson will mention to definition of phonology.

Definition of phonology

The description of system and pattern of sound that occur in a language? it involves in the study of English language to determine the distinctive sound and and to establish the set of rules that describe the set of changes in sounds when they occur in different relationship with other sounds.


a. Phoneme: The smallest sound segment that can be distinguished by their contrast within the words. It is possible to establish the phoneme of a language by mean of a process of communication or discovery of minimal pairs. The series of words (pin bin tin din kin chin gin fin thin sin shin win) give us 12 words which  are distinguished simply by a change in the first consonant element of sound sequence, these elements of contrastive significance or phonemes may be symbolized as [p b t d k t∫ g f θ s ∫ w] other sound sequences will show other oppositions Vidu: man, men adding [æ e]

b. Allophone: The phoneme derived from the same phoneme from different distribution or different in relationships. The 2 realizations of a phoneme ( its allophones) are the same. It is true even when the same word is repeated. Thus when the word : cat  is said twice there are likely to be slight phonetics variation in the 2 realizations of the phoneme sequences [k + æ +t] . Nevertheless, The phonetics similarities between the utterances will probably be more striking than the differences. Allophones of the same phoneme occurring in different words or different situations in a word. Allophones of [k]:

[k] in could, can, car…

[k] in skill, sky, skate…

[k] in talk, mark, book…

[k] in “key” /ki/ is pronounced further forward, near the hard palate than it is in “car” /ka:/ in which the articulation is made back wards to the velum.

c. Minimal pairs: Two words differ from each other by only distinctive sound and which also differ in meaning are called a minimal pair (that means pairs of words in which a difference in meaning depends on the difference of one phoneme like these: “sin” /sin/, “sing” /siη/; or “sinner” and “singer”./.

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