Những điểm lưu ý khi đánh trọng âm của từ

Trọng âm của từ

Để đánh đúng trọng âm của từ chúng ta cần nắm vững những điểm quan trọng sau:

♦ Whether the word is morphologically simple, or whether it is complex as a result either of containing one or more affixes (that is prefixes and suffixes) or of compound word

♦ What the grammatical category of the word is ( noun, verb, adjective, adverb …)

♦ How many syllables the words has

♦ What the phonological structure of those syllables is :

– One component of syllable is the rhyme, which contains the syllable peak and the coda

– A strong syllable has a rhyme either has a syllable peak which is a long vowel or diphthong or a vowel followed by a coda (one or more consonants)

– Weak syllables have a syllable peak which is a short vowel and no coda unless the syllable peak is the schwa [ ə ] or in some circumstances [ ɪ ].


Strong syllable: heart [ hɑːt ] ; bat [ bæt ]

Weak syllable: reduce [ rɪdjuːs ]; herbicide [ hɜːbɪsaɪ ]./.

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