Đánh trọng âm và phát âm của từ ghép

Trọng âm của từ ghép

Hôm nay chúng ta sẽ học về cách đánh trọng âm và phát âm của từ ghép trong tiếng Anh.

1. The most familiar type of compound is the one which combines two nouns and which normal has the stress on the first element
– Typewriter [`taɪpraɪtə ], sunrise[`sʌnraɪ]
– Car-ferry [ kɑːferɪ ] ; tea –cup [`tiːkʌp]
2. Compound with adjective is the first element and the ( – ed ) morpheme at the end have this pattern:
– bad- `tempered
– half- `timbered
– heavy- `handed
3. Compounds in which the first element is a number in some form also tend to have final stress:
– three- `wheel
– second- `class
– five- `figure
4. Compound words functioning as adverb are usually final –stressed:
– head- `first
– north- `east
– down- `stream
5. Compounds which functions as verbs and have an adverbial first element take final stress:
– down-`grate
– back-`pedal
– ill-`treat.

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