My Friends: Project


Bài hôm nay hướng dẫn chi tiết học phần cuối của Unit 1 – My Friends giáo trình Global Success.

My class yearbook

How to make a class yearbook

  1. Stick a photo/drawing of the friend sitting next to you on a large sheet of paper.
  2. Interview your friend to find out about him/her (e.g. favourite subjects, favourite books, what he / she likes, etc.).
  3. Write a short description of your friend. Describe his / her appearance and personality. Add some information you have from the interview.
  4. Decorate the page. Show it to your class and talk about it
  5. Together make a class yearbook.

Hướng dẫn tham khảo:

My friend name’s is Linh. She is very dynamic and humorous girl. She always tell jokes ,… She likes studying Math subject because She is very smart. And Mrs Hoa – teacher at English subject is her favorite teacher .

She prefers watching horror movies to comedy. And Harry Porter is the movie that She likes best , She always tells me about the scene and content in this film …. She hates waiting and lying , and she loves dancing very much…

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