My Neighbourhood: Project


Hướng dẫn giải chi tiết học phần “Project”, Unit 4 – My Neighbourhood, giáo trình Global Success


Draw a map of a neighbourhood. Write names of at least five places on your map.

  • my house: nhà của tôi
  • my school: trường của tôi
  • kindergarten: trường mầm non
  • restaurant: nhà hàng
  • market: chợ

Work in pairs. Take turns to ask for and give directions to the places on the map.

Lời giải chi tiết:

A: Could you tell me the way to the market, please?

B: Yes, go straight on from my house, walk about 5 minutes. It’s in front of you.

A: Where is the kindergarten?

B: Well, from my house, turn left and then walk about 10 minutes. It’s in front of you.

A: How can I get to the restaurant?

B: Start at the kindergarten, go straight on about 10 minutes. It’s on your left.

A: How about your school? Could you show me how to get to your school?

B: Yes, start at my house, take the first turning on the left. The school is on your right.

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