Giải bài tập SGK lớp 6 – Unit 1


Nhằm giúp các em học sinh lớp 6 có thêm tư liệu tham khảo làm bài tập môn tiếng Anh, dưới đây là chi tiết hướng dẫn giải bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 – Unit 1 – My New School.

Getting Started

A Special Day

Listen and Read

a. Are these sentences true or false ?

Đáp án:


b. Find these expressions in the conversation. Check what they mean

Đáp án:

Oh dear.Ôi trời ơi.
You’ll see.Rồi bạn sẽ thấy
Come in.Mời vào
Sure.Chắc chắn rồi/đương nhiên rồi

c. Work in pairs.

Gợi ý:


Huong: It’s cold today
Lan: Really?

Hương:Yes, you take out. You’ll see.


Peter: Could I meet Mr David?
Mary: Please come in.


Nam: Can I borrow your bicycle tomorrow?
Bảo: Sure.

  1. Listen and read the following poem.(Nghe và đọc bài thơ sau)

Bài nghe:

Get up, Nam
Get up, Nam
You are going back to school
Your friends are going back to school, too
The new school year starts today
You’ve got new shoes
You’ve got new pens
Your friends are on their way.

3. Match the words with the school things

1. b2. e3. j 4. d 5. c
6. i7. f8. a9. g10. h
  1. Look around the class-what other things do you have …. (Nhìn quanh lớp học. Còn có thứ gì khác trong lớp không? Hỏi giáo viên của em. )

Gợi ý:

Student: What other things do you have in our classroom?

Teacher: Sure, There have many chalks on the table , one computer in the teacher desk.

Student: And the other objects?

Teacher: In your table , there have many guide-books , rulers, school kits….



1. Listen and Repeat

2. Work in pairs. Put the words in 1 into groups

Đáp án:

Dojudo, exercise
Havehomework school lunch
Studyphysics, English, history, vocabulary, lessons, science
Playfootball, music

3. Put one of these words in each blank.

Đáp án:

1. homework2. football3. Lesson4. judo5. science

4. Write sentences about yourself using the combinations above.

Gợi ý:
I am Tam. I study at Dong Trieu Primary School. At school I have 7 subjects: English, Maths, Physics, History, Science and Judo. I love English and I stydy English well. I have English on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When I have freetime, I usually play football with my friends.


5. Listen and repeat. Pay attention to the sounds /ʊ/ and /ʌ/. (Nghe và lặp lại. Chú ý đến âm/ʊ/và/ʌ/. )

6. Listen to the words and put them into two groups

Đáp án:

/eʊ/rope, don’t, hope, homework, post
/ʌ/some, Monday, month, come, one

7. Listen and repeat. Underline (Intalic) the sounds /əʊ/ and /ʌ/ you hear.

1. They are going to open a new library.

2. I’m coming home from school.

3. His brother eats lunch in the school canteen.

4. The new school year starts next month.

5. My brother is doing his homework.

6. He goes to the judo club every Sunday.

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