Our Tet holiday: Getting Started

Hướng dẫn giải chi tiết học phần “Getting Started”, Unit 6 – Our Tet holiday, giáo trình Global Success

Happy New Year!

Listen and repeat.

Nội dung bài nghe:

Linda: Phong, does Viet Nam celebrate New Years?

Phong: Yes, we do. We have Tet.

Linda: When is Tet?

Phong: At different times. This year, it’s in January

Linda: What do you do at Tet?

Phong: We clean our homes and decorate them with flowers.

Linda: Is Tet a time for family gatherings?

Phong: Yes. It’s a happy time for everybody.

Linda: Great.

Phong: Yes, and another good thing about Tet is that children get lucky money.

Linda: That sounds interesting. Is there anything special people should do?

Phong: We should say “Happy New Year” when we meet people, and we shouldn’t break anything.

What are Phong and Linda talking about?

  • A. New year in the world
  • B. Tet in Viet Nam
  • C. What to eat and wear during Tet

Trả lời:

B. Tet in Viet Nam

Complete the sentences about Tet with the information from the conversation in 1.

  1. This year Tet is in____________.
  2. We decorate our____________.
  3. Tet is a time for family____________.
  4. Children get____________ __.
  5. People shouldn’t __ anything.

Trả lời:

  1. January
  2. homes
  3. gatherings
  4. lucky money
  5. break

Match the words/phrases in the box with the pictures.

  • a. lucky koney
  • b. peach flowers
  • c. banh chung and banh tet
  • d. family gathering

Hướng dẫn:

  • lucky money: lì xì
  • peach flowers: hoa đào
  • banh chung and banh tet: bánh chưng và bánh tét
  • family gathering: gia đình đoàn viên

Đáp án:

  • a – 2
  • b – 1
  • c – 3
  • d – 4

Game: Is it about Tet?

Write two things or activities and share them with the class. The class listens and decides whether they are about or not about Tet.

  • Example: (Ví dụ: )
  • Student: banh chung
    (bánh chưng)
  • Class: It’s about Tet.
    (Là Tết.)
  • Student: flying a kite
    (thả diều)
  • Class: It’s not about Tet.
    (Không phải Tết.)
  • Lời giải chi tiết:
  • Student: apricot blossom
    (hoa mai)
  • Class: It’s about Tet.
    (Là Tết.)
  • Student: playing football
    (chơi đá bóng)
  • Class: It’s not about Tet.
    (Không phải Tết.)
  • Student: watching fireworks
    (xem pháo hoa)
  • Class: It’s about Tet.
    (Là Tết.)
  • Student: fried fish
    (cá chiên/ rán)
  • Class: It’s not about Tet.
    (Không phải Tết.)/
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