Our Tet holiday: A Closer Look 1

Hướng dẫn giải chi tiết học phần “A Closer Look 1”, Unit 6 – Our Tet holiday, giáo trình Global Success


Write the words/phrases in the box under the pictures.

  • wish
  • fireworks
  • furniture
  • fun
  • special food

Phương pháp giải:

  • wish: điều ước
  • fireworks: pháo hoa
  • furniture: đồ nội thất
  • fun: niềm vui
  • special food: đặc sản

Lời giải chi tiết:

  1. fireworks
  2. special food
  3. fun
  4. wish
  5. furniture

Match the verbs with the nouns.

1. have
2. visit
3. give
4. make
5. clean
6. watch
a wish
b. fireworks
c. the furniture
d. lucky money
e. relatives
f. fun

Lời giải chi tiết:

  1. f
  2. e
  3. d
  4. a
  5. c
  6. b

1 – f. have fun (có niềm vui/ vui vẻ)
2 – e. visit relatives (thăm họ hàng)
3 – d. give lucky money (lì xì)
4 – a. make a wish (ước)
5 – c. clean the furniture (lau chùi nội thất)
6 – b. watch fireworks (xem pháo hoa)

Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

  1. In Viet Nam, we__________Tet in January or February.
  2. At Tet, we decorate our houses with__________flowers.
  3. Children should help their parents to__________ their houses.
  4. People do a lot of __________before Tet.
  5. My mother usually cooks special__________during Tet.

Hướng dẫn:

  • shopping: mua sắm
  • clean (v): dọn dẹp
  • peach (n): quả đào
  • celebrate (v): tổ chức, kỷ niệm
  • food (n): thức ăn

Lời giải chi tiết:

  1. celebrate
  2. peach
  3. clean
  4. shopping
  5. food

Pronunciation: /s/ and /ʃ/

Listen and repeat the words.

Lời giải chi tiết:

  • shopping
  • special
  • rice
  • spring
  • wish
  • celebrate

Listen and repeat the poem. Pay attention to the sounds /s/ and /ʃ/ in the underlined words.

  • Spring is coming!
  • Tet is coming!
  • She sells peach flowers.
  • Her cheeks shine.
  • Her eyes smile.
  • Her smile is shy.
  • She sells peach flowers.
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