Natural Wonders of Viet Nam: Communication


Hướng dẫn giải chi tiết học phần “Communication “, Unit 5 – Natural Wonders of Viet Nam, giáo trình Global Success

Everyday English

Making and accepting appointments

Listen and read the short conversation below, paying attention to the highlighted parts.

  • Steven: Duong, let’s go for a picnic this Sunday.
  • Duong: That’s fine. What time can we meet?
  • Steven: How about 9 o’clock?
  • Duong: Sure. I’ll meet you at that time.

Work in pairs. Make a short conversation, following the example in 1.

Lời giải chi tiết:

  • Mai: Phong, let’s go to Thong Nhat Park this Saturday afternoon.
  • Phong: That’s great. What time can we meet?
  • Mai: How about 2 o’clock?
  • Phong: Sure, I’ll meet you at that time.

A travel guide

Read the travel guide entry.


The Himalayas is a mountain range. It’s very special. It has the world’s highest mountain – Mount Everest. When visiting the Himalayas, remember to follow these rules.

  • You must ask before you visit the area.
  • You mustn’t travel alone. Always go in a group.
  • You mustn’t litter.
  • You must bring only the necessary things.
  • You must bring the right clothes too. Don’t bring shorts or T-shirts!


Himalayas là một dãy núi. Nó rất đặc biệt. Nó có ngọn núi cao nhất thế giới – Đỉnh Everest. Khi đến tham quan Himalayas, hãy nhớ tuân theo những quy tắc sau:

  • Bạn phải xin phép trước khi bạn đến tham quan khu này.
  • Bạn không được đi du lịch một mình. Luôn đi theo nhóm.
  • Bạn không được xả rác.
  • Bạn chỉ được mang những thứ cần thiết.
  • Bạn cũng phải mang theo quần áo phù hợp. Đừng mang theo quần đùi hoặc áo phông!
(phải mang theo)
(không được mang theo)
compass (la bàn)
sleeping bag (túi ngủ)
plaster (băng cá nhân)
backpack (ba lô)
waterproof coat (áo khoác chống thấm nước)
bicycle (xe đạp)
shorts (quần đùi)
T-shirt (áo phông)

Role-play being a tour guide and a tourist. Tell your partner what to prepare for their trip to the Himalayas, and give reasons.

Hướng dẫn chi tiết:

A: I’d like to go to the Himalayas next month.

B: OK. I think you must bring a waterproof coat. It’s cold and rainy there!

A: Yes. Anything else?

B: You must bring a sleeping bag so that you can stay here overnight. You must also bring a compass in case you are lost.

A: Is there anything I mustn’t bring?

B: Well, you mustn’t bring bicycle because you can’t ride it here and it’s very cold, so you mustn’t bring shorts or T- shirt.

A: Thanks a lot./

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