Giải bài tập SGK tiếng Anh 8 thí điểm – Unit 1 – Leisure activities

Hướng dẫn chi tiết chữa bài tập sách giáo khoa tiếng anh lớp 8 (chương trình thí điểm) – Unit 1 – Leisure activities


  1. Listen and read

Mai: Check out this book, Phuc. My Mini Guide to Dog Training
Phuc: Sounds great! Max’ll like it too. Last weekend we learnt some tricks. I love to watch him. It’s so much fun.. Have you found your craft kit?

Mai: Yes, I’ve found this one. It’s got everything:
beads, stickers, wool, buttons… I don’t
know, it’ll take all my savings.

Phuc: But it’s right up your street! Nick, what’s that?
Nick: It’s a CD of Vietnamese folk songs. I’ll listen to it tonight
Mai: And you’ll be able to improve your Vietnamese!
Nick: Ha ha, not sure about that. But I think I’ll enjoy listening to the melodies.
Phuc: Look at the language website I sent you. I’ll help you learn Vietnamese more easily.
Nick: Yes, I liked reading Doraemon comics while I was learning Japanese.
Phuc: Stop reading comics! I’ll bring you my favourite short story this Sunday when we play football.
Mai: Sorry but we have to hurry. Mum and dad are waiting. We need to buy some tools to build a new house for Max this weekend.

a. Circle the correct answer.

1. bookstore2. book3. dog
4. craft kit5. folk music6. Vietnamese

b. Which leisure activities do you think Phuc, Mai, and Nick have? Tick (√) the box. Then find the information from the conversation to explain your choice.

1. Pet training
2. Making crafts
3. Reading
4. Listening to music
5. Learning languages
6. Playing sports
7. Helping parents with DIY projects

c. Answer the questions:

  1. What does Mai mean when she says ‘Check out this book’?
    => Mai means Phuc should take a look at this book.
  2. What does Phuc mean when he says ‘It’s right up your street!’?
    => He means that it is the thing that Mai enjoys.

2. Find words/phrases in the box to describe the photos then listen to check the answer:

  1. playing computer games (chơi trò chơi trên máy vi tính)
  2. playing beach games (chơi trò chơi ở bãi biển)
  3. doing DIY (làm đồ chơi tự làm)
  4. texting (nhắn tin)
  5. visiting museums (thăm viện bảo tàng)
  6. making crafts (làm đồ thủ công)

3. Complete the following sentences with the words in the box. In some cases, more than one answer can be relevant.

  1. satisfied
  2. relaxing, exciting
  3. fun
  4. boring
  5. good
    Gợi ý 1:
  • Playing mobile games is one of my leisure activities. It’s so exciting to play many kinds of games on smart phones. I like games such as MineCraft, Garena Liên Quân, PUBG… they are very interesting. I feel so happy to play them.
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