Classification of synonyms in English

Classification of synonyms

State the classification of synonyms in the English language, illustrate answer with examples.

Classification (old classification)

Semantic synonyms: are words differing in shades of meaning:

– Nice, pretty, good – looking, beautiful, handsome (Có nghĩa chung là “đẹp”)

– To ask, to beg, to entreat (Có nghĩa chung là “van nài, van xin”)

Stylistic synonyms: are words differing in stylistic aspects:

Father – dad – daddy (Có nghĩa chung là “bố”)

Girlfriend – bird (Có nghĩa chung là “bạn gái”)

Concerning stylistic synonyms we can speak of euphemisms, i.e, words and expression synonymous to those denoting unpleasant notions: to die – to pass away (Có nghĩa chung là “Mất”, “đã khuất”, “chết”, “tử vong”)

Semantico – stylistic synonyms: are words differing both in shades of meaning and stylistic aspects:

– House – shack –slum – pad.

– To dismiss – to sack – to fire – to lay off (Có nghĩa chung là “sa thải”)

Phraseological synonyms: are words differing in their collocations (combinability “tính kết hợp”):

Do – make (làm)

Say – speak (nói)

Language – tongue (ngôn ngữ)

Territorial synonyms: are synonyms that belong to different countries (territories “khu vực”) In England, America, and in Australia.

Autumn – fall  (Mùa thu)

Luggage – baggage (hành lý)

Football – soccer (bóng đá)./.

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