Brief introduction to lexicology and word

English lexicology

A brief overview of word as well as the history of the English lexicology. 

The word lexicology derives from Geek with lexis meaning word, or total stock of words and logos meaning science or theory disclosure. Therefore, lexicology, a branch of linguistics, is the study of words.

For some people studying words may seen uninteresting. But if studied properly, it may well prove just as exciting and novel as unearthing  the mysteries of Outer Space.

It is significant that many scholars have attempted to define the words as a linguistics phenomenon. None of the definitions can be considered totally satisfactory in all aspects.

Despite all the achievements of modern science, certain essential aspects of the nature of the word still escape us. Nor do we fully understand the phenomenon called “language”, of which the word is a fundamental unit.

We know nothing or almost nothing – about the mechanism by which a speaker’s mental process is converted into sound groups called “words”, nor about the reverse process whereby a listener’s brain converts the acoustic phenomena into notions and ideas, thus establishing a two-way process of communication.

We know little about the nature of relations between the word and the referent.

If we assumed that there is a direct relation between the word and the referent – which seems logical – it raises another question: how should we explain the fact that the same referent is designated by quite different languages. 

We do know by now – though with vague uncertainty that there is nothing accidential about the vocabulary of the language; that each word is a small unit within a vast, efficient and perfectly balanced system./

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