Phonemic transcription

Phonemic transcription

Phonemic transcription: The use of symbols and diacritic to show , to record, to describe the differences in words and word sequences.

▪ Definition:
Transcribe a word in a way that shows non of the details of pronunciation that is predictable by phonological rules, for example: assimilation or nasalization. In other words, phonemic transcription use only the distinctive sounds of language. It does not show finer points of pronunciation. It is written within slanting brackets ( / / )

Example: cat is transcribed phonemically as / kæt /

Phonemic transcription show the only the underlining the phonemes using a simple set of symbols. It describes words broadly. Therefore, it is sometimes referred to as “broad transcription”. it is used in languages which has no writing system of their own or used for transferring purposes.

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